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Deliverance music was established to feature quality positive music through live performances and recordings. Our aim is also to Educate through our music and provide a variety of lessons and tutorials to enrich musicians and aspiring musicians. This web site features solo artist (singer, songwriter, guitarist, recording artist and producer) Ahveekhy Ben BinahYah, and is the official website for the band: "Sound of Paradise". 

Ahveekhy is an experienced multi-dimensional international artist  (Singer Songwriter) who classifies his sound as "Smooth, Jazzy, Afro-Soul" Music. He loves to sing and his Smooth Rich Baritone voice is soothing to the soul and is exciting to hear whether he sings alone or with his band. 

He incorporates Jazz Standards, R&B and Reggae as well as a variety of Popular music and Originals. He provides solo performances (vocals and guitar) duos  or a three to six piece band designed to fit your entertainment needs. 




Deliverance Music proudly presents the 2015 album: WE ARE ALL ONE by Ahveekhy Ben BinahYah and Sound Of Paradise. This album is a compilation of eight original songs that will fill your spirit with Love, Freedom, Joy and the Hope of a better tomorrow. From the declarations of FREEDOM NOW which is the inalienable right given to us by our Creator to pursue our God given Destiny, we are Declaring and Decreeing our freedom from the world's increasingly tyrannical governments. This brings to light that WE NEED A REVOLUTION, which does not include a physical war of killing one another or destruction of land and property (WAR NO MORE), but a change in our thinking and actions. We then continue with the song AFRICAN MUSIC UNCAGED( written while living in Ghana West Africa) which enunciates the importance of music in the scope of the entire world and universe, and it all points to the message in the last four songs on the album—Loving one another (SEASONS OF LOVE, WE ARE ALL ONE) and experiencing the Hope and Joy of knowing our Heavenly Father whom if we trust with all our heart, will lead us and guide us to complete happiness, peace and freedom from the powers of darkness (I AM YOUR SOURCE OF HOPE, HIS LOVE IS FOR SURE). We Hope you enjoy the ride on the waves of sound that we've produced. Peace and Blessings Ahveekhy Ben BinahYah.

This album is a Deliverance Music and Audial Horizons Recording Studio Production 2015

His Love Is For Sure

Sound Of Paradise Cover Songs Youtube Playlist

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Ahveekhy (Ah-vee-chai) Ben BinahYah was born in New York City in 1958, and lived in Queens, Brooklyn and finally Long Island, NY where he attended Junior and High School in Malverne, NY. He started voice training and learning guitar under his father’s tutelage the late Dr Stanley E Lowe (BinahYah) at the age of 14 and did his first public performances at around 16 years old. He also was tutored extensively in theology under his father the late Dr. Stanley E Lowe (Founder of Messianic House Of Prayer) who had a doctorate of arts in biblical studies. Ahveekhy attended Ambassador College in Pasadena California and majored in Music Education.

Ahveekhy moved to Ghana in 1997 and returned to Pittsburgh, PA USA in 2007.   During his 10 year stay in Africa he was able to refine his musical talent performing in the band “No Dogs Allowed” as a lead vocalist, guitarist and bassist under the mentorship of Fianko Yirenchi founder of the band and a very talented and renowned guitarist and bassist from Nigeria.

WaYaYa (We Are Going)

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Ahveekhy is a singer songwriter, guitarist, bassist, producer and founder of Deliverance Music. Ghana is where the song writing began for Ahveekhy.

As a solo artist Ahveekhy was chosen to write and perform a theme song for Panafest an international music and theatre festival that was held in Ghana every two years. The songs he wrote were chosen as the theme songs for the festival's Youth Day in 2003 and 2005.

He has written and produced a variety of songs in the secular arena as well as Praise and Worship music. In 2008 and 2009 he produced the performance series "Let’s Rise Again-ABABIO" as a way of sharing some of his experiences in Ghana through music and dialogue. He has also produced 4 music albums: War No More (an acoustic album), Ahveekhy Live: Let's Rise Again ABABIO (The Soundtrack from the performance series "Let's Rise Again-ABABIO") , 


And the latest album (2015 recorded at Audial Horizons Studio in Pittsburgh) "We Are All One" 

 He also produced "Songs of Praise to Yahweh" (A Praise And Worship acoustic album).


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 Ahveekhy's ten year stay in Ghana West Africa gives him a unique and broadened perspective of African/African American issues as well as the world in general. He is able to share this perspective in some of his music and many of his performances.

With his spiritual family background he has been able to infuse his music with inspiring, uplifting and positive messages of deliverance from an increasingly evil world, and turn people’s eyes to the Creator and the promise of a new world to come. Be sure to subscribe to Ahveekhy's deliverance music website for continuous updates.

Produced by 

Deliverance Music Ministries

an affiliate of:

Messianic House Of Prayer

copyright 2010-2014

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