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Welcome to Deliverance Music, your trusted platform for positive, wholesome, and uplifting music. As an African American residing in Ghana, we've committed ourselves to the mission of paving the way for hope-filled music that nourishes the soul and resonates with both Africans and African Americans, as well as Christians, Messianic Hebrews, Hebrew Israelites and people of all audiences who love The Kingdom Of Heaven. Our music represents the "Rhythm of Heaven" and the "Sound of Healing". Our journey roots deeply in our passion for song, dance, and the transformative effect music has on individuals and communities. With a focus on the distinctive rhythm and soul of African music, we recognize and celebrate diversity in sound, blending different musical genres to create a harmonious symphony.

About Us Deliverance Music
Empowering African Youth

"About Us Deliverance Music" is more than just a phrase; it's our commitment, a living testament to our dedication to breeding a new generation of musicians. We believe in the power of music as a tool for change, especially among the youth. Our passion lies in the development of African youth in the arts, specifically in music. We see talent, potential, and dreams waiting to be realized in many young hearts within Ghana. And by providing the necessary support and unique opportunities, we aim to groom these budding musicians, assisting them in refining their skills and building a sustainable career in music.

"About Our Mission" is another phrase that unfolds the endeavors of Deliverance Music. We are not just about the present but also about the long-term transformation of the music industry and the role of youth within it. We envision a future where African youth lead the music charts, equipped with the necessary skills, exposure, and the confidence to take on the world stage. We're working tirelessly to make this vision come to life, offering a broad array of workshops, mentorship programs, and performance opportunities that go beyond mere entertainment. In the end, our heart lies in creating positive music that influences, molds, and reforms while relentlessly supporting and encouraging raw talent to flourish.

At "Deliverance Music," we are dedicated to empowering African youth, specifically in Ghana, through music. The passion that is displayed by these burgeoning musicians is inspirational, and there is no doubt that they can make a significant difference in the music industry and society at large.

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About Us Deliverance Music
How You Can Support Us

"About Us Deliverance Music" is more than just a phrase; it's a testament to our commitment and dedication to the development and transformation of these gifted individuals. We envision a future where the richness of African music is fully acknowledged on the world stage, with our youthful artists leading the charge. This vision requires a substantial investment in resources, time, and finances. Music lessons, personal musical instruments, studio equipment, and daily operational costs are just a few of the expenses that we must meet to make our vision come to life.

For this reason, we, at "Deliverance Music", are appealing for your generous financial support for our mission. Whether it's sponsoring a student, funding music lessons, or contributing towards operational costs and equipment, every contribution goes a long way. The action you take today can help foster talent, expose these budding artists to valuable learning experiences, and equip them with the essential skills they need to succeed.

To support us, you can make your donation through the following link:

Together, we can create a future where the youth of Africa lead the music charts, equipped with necessary skills, exposure, and confidence to take on the world stage. Thank you so much for your continuous support and belief in our cause. Every donation made, goes directly into funding our initiatives aimed at transforming the lives of our aspiring musicians in Ghana, West Africa.

Let's make a difference through music, supporting talent, fostering growth, and creating a dynamic future for all. Your contribution today can help a young musician's dream come true. Thank you for your generous support.

About Us Deliverance Music
The Founder


Ahveekhy Ben BinahYah

Ahveekhy Ben BinahYah, born in 1958 in New York City, spent his childhood in the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn, later moving to Long Island. Here, he pursued his education, attending both Junior and High School in Malverne, NY. Ahveekhy's musical journey commenced at a tender age of 5, tutored by his father, the late eminent Dr. Stanley E Lowe (BinahYah). This set him to the path of his first public performance, a mere two years later.


In 1997, driven by passion, Ahveekhy relocated to Ghana. He would not return to the States, specifically to Pittsburgh, PA, until a decade later in 2007. His time in Africa shaped him as a musician—he refined his talent as part of the band "No Dogs Allowed." Here, under the experienced guidance of the late Fianko Yirenchi, a renowned Nigerian guitarist, bassist, and band founder, Ahveekhy honed his skills as the lead vocalist, guitarist, and bassist.

About Us Deliverance Music: Founded by Ahveekhy, It is in Ghana that Ahveekhy's career as a solo artist took wings—he began writing songs and started Deliverance Music. His skillful songwriting led him to compose and perform theme songs for Panafest, an international music and theater festival held biennially in Ghana. Ahveekhy's songs became the anthems for the festival's Youth Day events in 2003 and 2005.

Venturing into various musical genres, Ahveekhy has written, composed, and produced numerous tracks in both secular and spiritual music. Among his works is the performance series "Let's Rise Again-ABABIO" presented in 2008 and 2009. This series echoed his immersive experiences in Ghana, presenting them through music and dialogue. In 2015 he produced the album titled "We Are All One" that portrayed his belief in unity and harmony. Adding to his legacy is his 2022 album "Taste Of Heaven", a result of his hard work at Deliverance Music's recording studio, which he has operated in Cape Coast, Ghana since 2021.

Defining his artistic style, Ahveekhy's music borrows from a diverse range of genres, each composition offering a distinct narrative through its melody and lyrics. He continuously seeks to innovate; his studio in Cape Coast has become a space for creativity and collaboration, attracting talented individuals seeking to make their mark in the music industry.

One cannot ignore the deep influence of Ahveekhy's cultural exposure on his music. Living in Ghana has put him at the heart of African musical traditions. This immersive experience, crossed with his African American background, has provided an enriched understanding that transcends continents. His music bridges these worlds, creating a blend of sounds that evokes both the depth of African heritage and the rhythm of contemporary beats.


 Ahveekhy is not just a musician but a storyteller. Each of his songs, be it secular or spiritual, embodies experiences and messages aimed to provoke thought, mould opinions and nudge towards positive change. This is particularly evident in his praise and worship music, where you can witness his spiritual cores radiating through his compositions. Ahveekhy's time in Ghana has given him a fresh perspective on African and African American issues, as well as a global understanding. This understanding reflects in his music and performances, providing a unique context to his compositions. His music reflects his spiritual background and is imbued with uplifting and positive messages, seeking to challenge worldly evils and inspire hope for a new and better world. Be ready to embark on a soulful journey with Ahveekhy's Deliverance Music. The best is yet to come! Stay tuned to Ahveekhy's musical journey by subscribing to updates from Deliverance Music.

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