Living in Ghana--"Let's Rise Again-ABABIO"

Living in Ghana as an African American told by Ahveekhy through the performance series "Let"s Rise Again-ABABIO" and also through his story in the book entitled "Ababio: He/She Who Has Returned -- A 21st Century Anthology of African Diasporan Returnees to Ghana" by Seestah Imakus

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ABABIO-In the Akhan language of Ghana West Africa means one who has gone and has returned.

"Let's Rise Again-ABABIO" performance series was produced to share some of my observations and thoughts (as an African American) on my 10 year experience of living in Ghana West Africa.

The performance series was largely funded by MCAI The Multicultural Arts Initiative based in Pittsburgh. We also received wonderful support from BDPA-PGH, Jamil's Global Village, Soul Pitt and Afrika Yetu. We thank you for your wonderful support.

This musical performance series featured some of my original songs written while in Ghana along with cover songs by other African/African American and Carribean artists. The genres of music included Jazz, R&B,Reggae and what would be considered gospel.

I had a wonderful set of musicians that were committed to the success of this performance series, and who I want to express appreciation to for their part in making this performance series a success:

Tony Campbell on Alto Sax

Donna Davis on Keyboard

Paco Mahone on Bass Guitar

Jay Constable on Drums

Elie Kihonia on percussion

Special thanks also to Umoja African Arts Company

The message conveyed through the performances was relevant for all peoples and particularly to us African Americans who are suffering from particular issues that are keeping us down as a whole.

The message of the songs I performed were of a spiritual nature without using a "religious" message: We as African people have hope and can rise again if we once again reunite and redevelop a close relationship with our original source of strength and blessings which is our Creator and Maker. When we Concentrate more on what we can do for ourselves and seriously importune our Creator for help, we can begin to change our destiny.

The words from the song "Let's Rise again" (which I wrote as a theme song in 2005 for Youth Day held during the Pan African Festival called Panafest in Ghana) capsulized that message:

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Ahveekhy, Napolean and Yirenchi at Busua Beach Resort in Ghana


We've got to remember, that the power, of our Creator starts from within

Never think that they, can help us solve this mess we're in

But never lose hope, cause our solutions and cures begin

With the knowledge, of who we are, and reconnecting with our Creator once again...

Excerpt from verse 2

...We can't blame them totally, for ourselves we must take full responsibility.

My thoughts are even though we need to know what happened in our past (very important), why not focus on what we can do to improve ourselves, and the other will take care of itself. Our destiny is in our own hands...this was one of the lessons I learned from my experience of living in Ghana.

What do you think? You are welcome to share your comments below.

Click Here to hear the soundtrack for this performance series

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