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Song Lyrics--"We Need A Revolution"

I want to share with you the Song Lyrics--"We Need A Revolution". I began writing this song in April of 2003 during the time I was living in Ghana West Africa. After setting it aside I revisited this song and completed it November of 2014. This song is so appropriate for right now. More and more it is becoming evident that we have to break free from the harness and shackles the "GLOBALISTS" have slowly and methodically placed not only on Americans but billions of people all over the world. I hope you will join me in making these declarations written in this song--We need a revolution, we need a change of mind. Our time has come and Heaven is behind us and in front of us supporting our resistance to the EVIL Global powers. Let's take a vow together that when the wealth of the wicked is given to the righteous (wealth transfer) that we'll do it different this time.  

Song Lyrics--"We Need A Revolution"


We need a revolution, we need a change of mind,

We need a revolution, let's do it different this time

We need a revolution, we need a change of mind,

We need a revolution, let's do it different this time


I'm not talking about shooting or killing our fellow man

I'm not talking about destroying the people or the land

I'm talking about a change in our hearts and in our minds

I'm talking bout letting go of all the lies and leaving them behind



They falsified and lied to us about world history

They turned things upside down and made it their story

They lied to us about the people of the book

They lied to us and stole from us--our heritage they took



I heard a voice from heaven, so I listened carefully

He said the time is now to set the captives free

On the horizon slowly coming in to view

Is something totally different, something totally new



The wealth has been stored and gathered diligently

The wicked have no idea, no they haven't got a clue

That heaven has made a decree, said this shall no longer be

Their wealth will be taken away and given to you and me


(end of song lyrics we need a revolution)

Thanks for taking the time to listen to this song. If you enjoyed this song please pass it along. The new album is coming soon!

Peace and Love

Ahveekhy Ben BinahYah

Produced by

Deliverance Music Ministries

copyright 2010-2019

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