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Experience the Sound of Paradise--"Smooth Jazzy Afro-Soul". Featuring Ahveekhy Ben BinahYah on vocals and Acoustic Guitar.

Supported by:

Paco Mahone on Bass (Trio and 6 piece Band)

Jay Constable on Drums (Trio and 6 piece band)

Eli Kihonia on Percussions (6 piece Band)

Donna Davis on Piano and Keyboard (6 piece Band)

Tony Campbell on Saxaphone (6 piece Band)

Playlist Songs

1. Summertime (Trio Cover Standard)

2. God Bless The Child (Trio Cover Standard)

3. Wave (Trio Cover Standard)

4. Dindi (Trio Cover Standard)

5. African Music Uncaged (Trio Original)

6. Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone (Trio Cover)

7. Seasons of Love (Trio Original)

8. War No More (Full Band Original)

9. Redemption Song (Full Band Cover)

10. Amazing Grace (Full Band Cover)

11. Autumn Leaves (Trio Cover Standard)

12. Concert On The Lawn Series (Trio) a. Dindi (Cover) b. Ain't No Sunshine (Cover) c. Seasons Of Love (Original)

13. Trio Promo

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