Beginner Songwriting2 Continues With More Helpful Tips To Get You Started

Beginner Songwriting2 continues with some practical formulas for learning the scale we discussed on the previous page. Since I am a guitarist I'll share with you how you can play this scale easily in any position on the guitar. This will enable you to play this scale in all 12 keys on all fret positions. We'll learn more about keys later.

Now the guitar is played with both hands. The standard way to play is using the left hand to press the frets and the right hand to pluck the strings. This is the way I will show you how to play.

The guitar is held by resting the curved part of the guitar body on either your right or left leg when sitting. Of course you can stand but let's start by sitting.

Now the the neck of the guitar (that long extended piece of wood extending from the body of the guitar with the frets) is held in the hand with the thumb in back of the neck to steady it. The four fingers are designated as follows: finger 1 (index finger) finger 2 (middle finger) finger 3 (ring finger) finger 4 (pinkey finger).

Now let's go to the diagram below:


!!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!---- 6

!!----!----!-f2-!----!-f4-!----!----!----!----!---- 5

!!----!-f1-!-f2-!----!-f4-!----!----!----!----!---- 4

!!----!-f1-!----!-f3-!-f4-!----!----!----!----!---- 3

!!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!---- 2

!!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!---- 1

Now the description of the pattern is as follows:

The fingers are designated as f1 f2 f3 f4.

The first note C is played with finger 2 on string 5 fret 3.

The second note D is played with finger 4 on string 5 fret 5.

The 3rd note E is played with finger 1 on string 4 fret 2.

The 4th note F is played with finger 2 on string 4 fret 2.

The 5th note G is played with finger 4 on string 4 fret 5

The 6th note A is played with finger 1 on string 3 fret 2

The 7th note B is played with finger 3 on string 3 fret 4

The 8th note C is played with finger 4 on string 3 fret 5

That's your complete major scale. Practice that same pattern all the way up the fretboard to play the scale in all keys. Start by pressing the tip of your finger on the string in the middle of the fret without touching any other string. Press the string hard, at the same time take the thumb of your right hand and pluck the string in a down stroke until it your thumb rests on the next string. Make sure the the note sounds clear.

This will be difficult at first but continue to try it. The tips of your fingers will hurt after a while but keep playing through the pain. Eventually that will pass and you will have callouses on the tips of your fingers and no more pain.

This of course takes us next, to learning your fretboard You should learn the names of the notes for each fret on your guitar. Even if you play by ear you need to know your fretboard. Get a beginners guitar book so that you can actually see the notes on the diagram of the guitar. Some recommendations for guitar books will come later on this site. This is the end of beginner songwriting2.

How we use our knowledge of scales to begin our songwriting exercises is talked about on songwriting tips3.

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