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Deliverance Music Ministries (DMM) presents Kingdom of Heaven based music entertainment along with Praise and Worship music used in prayer and worship of Yahweh, Yahshua and Holy Spirit. 

We are admonished by our heavenly Father to be holy as He is. One of the requirements of Holiness is absence of darkness (Evil, perversion, satanic influence etc) FROM OUR SOUL thus our LIFE and LIFESTYLE.

Holiness has been MISCHARACTERIZED by Satan the Devil and has been presented as being devoid of fun. But that's a complete deception. Heaven is unbelievably FUN - and there   is an immense variety of music. So many songs from many different genres of music are sung and played in heaven by artists who have passed on that we all know and love. Music in heaven is NOT JUST "church music" there is also "secular music" (for lack of a better term). So if the words are wholesome and good and the music is not designed to invoke demons* then-- Enjoy it because it is Holy!

 NOTE: There are drum beats specifically used to invoke the presence of demons used in some African ceremonies, some Eastern religions and have been used in some rap concerts (causing violence to break out seemingly out of nowhere) and other music where filthy acts have been performed on stage including defecating and urinating on one another as part of the act. There are also prominent musicians that do rituals to invoke demons and demonic powers to cause there music to be successful. This obviously is NOT HOLY!

Holy music is a spiritually cleansing experience. Holy Spirit inspired music praises our heavenly Father Yahweh and changes atmospheres creating a Holy environment of rejoicing where deliverance can begin. T his music ministry developed during my time away from the United States. After years I made a welcome return home to the USA in June of 2007. After my extensive exposure to intense healing and deliverance activity on the African continent, I was ready to extend my music training to the needs of people of New York, Pennsylvania, Chicago and California who have heard me playing songs to the honor and glory of our Heavenly Father Yahweh and His Son Yahshua the Messiah.

I was supernaturally called while in Ghana to serve both Christians and Hebrews. My father and mother were Hebrews and our ancestry goes back all the way to Ephraim's son of Joseph one of the twelve sons of Jacob. My grandparents go back five generations or more as Methodist Ministers and Bishops.

My father and mother assisted different ministries in deliverance for many years. My mother has now gone to be with Yahweh our Heavenly Father and my father who has also joined here was called (during his laughter years on earth) to be an Apostle to the city of Pittsburgh.

In addition to being the founder of "Deliverance Music Ministries" (DMM), I also served as an Elder / Minister in the "House of Grace Prayer Ministry", Ghana West Africa and I served with my dad-- Founder of the

" Messianic House of Prayer"

and continue to carry on his work (as directed by Yahshua Messiah) to help the people of Pittsburgh, New York, Ghana West Africa, other parts of Africa and around the world.

My wife Theresa is a minister in the ministry in Ghana. My sisters Prophetess Rakhel and Khava are both ministers serving in the family ministry (Messianic House of Prayer) in New York and Pittsburgh, and minister together in "Feed My Sheep Ministries" founded by Prophetess Rakhel. Holy Spirit inspired music and family oriented music is also used by them in their ministry

I started playing guitar at 14 years of age and now I compose songs for my own ministry and others. My main forte is singing while accompanying myself with keyboard, guitar and bass guitar, but I also play with bands accompanying me. The latest band performances have been in Pittsburgh with well known Pittsburgh artists. We have played at Manchester Craftsman's Guild on the North Side, Kelly Strayhorn Theater in East Liberty, New Hazlet Theater in Allegheny Square East and have played for various other programs and other venues throughout the years. Our programs are family oriented and are welcomed since there are very few quality, family entertainment places, particularly for African Americans in the city of Pittsburgh.

Deliverance music is an affiliate of Messianic House Of Prayer But I mentioned earlier, my ministry is "global"! I returned from Ghana in 2007 where I sang and played extensively for the previous ten years - they loved it! I was asked to compose songs for the African Panafest celebrations in 2003 and 2005, which were selected as the theme songs for the Youth Day Celebrations. Africa is a place where I will continue to minister for years to come.  

Since I've been in Pittsburgh I've composed and recorded numerous Praise and Worship songs with words from the Bible and the Psalms. After hearing the first song from the Psalms that composed: "Bless Yahweh Oh My Soul" My late Dad (Stanley E Lowe DA aka Elder BinahYah) made a number of specific requests for songs from the scriptures. Requests include one of these sites most popular songs "The Lord's Prayer" which I called "Yahshua's Prayer". These songs with words from the Bible and the Psalms have inspired and helped many people in their deliverance.

Stay tuned updated recordings are coming soon

Bless Yahweh Oh My Soul   

Words taken from

Psalm 103: 1-5,10,12 

Matt.10: 1 "And when he [Yahshua Messiah] had called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to all manner of sickness and all manner of disease."

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