Indie Musician Edah Has A Unique Ghanaian "Rap/Hip Life" Music Style 

 Indie musician Edah is one of the featured artists on this web site. He has a very unique style and presentation that is refreshing in the Rap-Hip Life music scene.  George Edah which is his full name, originally hails from Nigeria his father's native land, and his mother is from Ghana. I had the pleasure of meeting him while living in Ghana and he was very instrumental in connecting me with some very meaningful opportunities in the music business in Ghana, and he was a part of the behind the scenes story that inspired me to compose one of the songs (Seasons of Love) that are featured on my new album. That story will be told at a later date. 

George is well respected in Ghana and his music is a positive much needed contribution to society. He has many years of experience in concert productions and he is also trained as a percussionist. Listen to some of the wonderful songs he has produced as a recording artist. Hope you enjoy the preview of featured songs from his album entitled "Afrikan Story" which was produced in 2005.


Afrikan Story by George Edah

Ghanaian Connection by George Edah

Deception by George Edah

African Swell by George Edah

Check Out George Edah's Ghana Television Show

Stay tuned for more!  


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