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Indie Musician Khava Sings Songs Of Joy!

Let me introduce you to Indie Musician Khavah Rueben. She is a singer songwriter and pianist. She started playing piano around ten or eleven years old and played for about 15 years then took a long break. She has since emerged in the last year or two breaking forth in song writing, singing and playing her piano. Her songs are filled with joy and happiness and the beauty of her voice lifts up your soul to heaven.

Deliverance Music is Happy to introduce to you a  sneak preview of what you are in store for in the future production of her album (which is in the works). Just take a listen to her as she sings in her pure, beautiful and clear voice and plays her piano with a few of the songs she has written.

Indie Musician Khavah's Songs Of Joy

More To Come!

Stay Tuned We'll Be Right Back With Our

"Work In Progress"

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Deliverance Music Ministries

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