Learn Guitar Chords Simply And Easily With This Method

There is a way to learn guitar chords easily that I would like to share with you. The method I'd like to start with is using moveable chords. When you learn the shapes of the chords you can use them up and down the fretboard.

Let's start with chords that have the root note on the 5th string in the key of C major, using the C major scale.

The first chord is C major: !!-1----2----3---4----5----6---7---8----9--10--!!

!!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!---- 6

!!----!----!-f3-!----!----!----!----!----!----!---- 5

!!----!-f2-!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!---- 4

!!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!---- 3

!!-f1-!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!---- 2

!!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!---- 1

Finger 3 String 5 Fret 3 is C

Finger 2 String 4 Fret 2 is E

Open String 3 is G

Finger 1 String 2 Fret 1 is C

Start playing from top to bottom those four strings one note at a time one after another with your thumb. Make sure your fingers do not get in the way of other strings. Make sure all of your fingers are on the strings simultaneously and practice playing them until you can play all of them with a clean clear sound. Now I'll show you the fingering of this same chord with no open strings so that you can move up and down the fretboard. So on the 5th string this means you will have at least 10 chords you can play with one shape. Let's look at the diagram below for more details of the learn guitar chords series.


!!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!---- 6

!!----!----!----!----!-f4-!----!----!----!----!---- 5

!!----!----!----!-f3-!----!----!----!----!----!---- 4

!!----!-f1-!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!---- 3

!!----!----!-f2-!----!----!----!----!----!----!---- 2

!!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!---- 1

Finger 4 String 5 Fret 5 = D

Finger 3 String 4 Fret 4 = F#

Finger 1 String 3 Fret 2 = A

Finger 2 String 2 Fret 3 = D

This is the D chord. When you move this 2 frets up you have the E chord. Now in case you haven't noticed you can also just play the top 3 notes and leave out the octave of the root note and still have an even simpler version of the chord. But added notes adds richness to the sound.

Practice this up and down the fretboard until you feel comfortable with it. Now let's continue to lesson 2 of learn guitar chords.

Guitar Chords 2

Guitar Chords 3

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