Learn Guitar: A Beginners Guide To Tuning Your Guitar

One of the first steps to Learn Guitar is to make sure you know how to tune your instrument. Of course in order to tune your instrument correctly you must learn your fretboard. Let's take a look at the notes associated with the open strings on your instrument. Refer to the diagram below: !!-1----2----3---4----5----6---7---8----9--10--!!

!!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!---- 6=E

!!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!---- 5=A

!!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!---- 4=D

!!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!---- 3=G

!!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!---- 2=B

!!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!---- 1=E

Each string has a specific note it must be tuned to. The strings are tuned as follows:

6th string--E

5th string--A

4th string--D

3rd string--G

2nd string--B

1st string--E

Get a guitar tuner at your local music store. You can use it in several ways. 1. Select the tone on the tuner for the appropriate note corresponding with string you want to tune. Then tune the string to that note using your ear. tighten the string to make the tone higher and loosen the string to make the tone lower. 2. You can also plug in the guitar to the tuner itself and tune the string using the meter on the tuner as your guide.

It is also important to note that if you can tune your 6th string or your 1st string all other strings can be tuned from those strings. Look at the example below:


!!----!----!----!----!-x--!----!----!----!----!---- 6

!!----!----!----!----!-x--!----!----!----!----!---- 5

!!----!----!----!----!-x--!----!----!----!----!---- 4

!!----!----!----!-x--!----!----!----!----!----!---- 3

!!----!----!----!----!-x--!----!----!----!----!---- 2

!!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!----!---- 1

The next tip in this learn guitar tuning lesson is using the notes on the guitar (after you have tuned one of the strings) to tune the rest of the guitar. In the example above pressing the 5th fret on string 6 should be the same note of open string 5. The 5th fret on string 5 should be the same note as open string 4, the 5th fret on string 4 should be the same note as open string 3, the 4th fret on string 3 should be the same note and open string 2 and the 5th fret on string 2 should be the same note as open string 1.

Now you should be equipped to tune your guitar. Before you play each day make sure your instrument is tuned correctly. This concludes the beginners guide to tuning your guitar.

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