A Key To Learning Guitar Is Knowing Your Fretboard

One of the keys to learning guitar is knowing your fretboard. This helps you get to know your instrument and be able to play from every position on your guitar. Below is a chart with the notes of the fretboard. This should help you get started. Look for the patterns. There are many of them.

The fret numbers are indicated on the top and the string numbers are indicated on the right of the diagram below.


!!-F--!-F#-!-G--!-Ab-!-A--!-Bb-!-B--!-C--!-C#-!-D--!-Eb-!-E--! 6

!!-Bb-!-B--!-C--!-C#-!-D--!-Eb-!-E--!-F--!-F#-!-G--!-Ab-!-A--! 5

!!-Eb-!-E--!-F--!-F#-!-G--!-Ab-!-A--!-Bb-!-B--!-C--!-C#-!-D--! 4

!!-Ab-!-A--!-Bb-!-B--!-C--!-C#-!-D--!-Eb-!-E--!-F--!-F#-!-G--! 3

!!-C--!-C#-!-D--!-Eb-!-E--!-F--!-F#-!-G--!-Ab-!-A--!-Bb-!-B--! 2

!!-F--!-F#-!-G--!-Ab-!-A--!-Bb-!-B--!-C--!-C#-!-D--!-Eb-!-E--! 1

One pattern you should notice is that string 1 and 6 have exactly the same progressions of notes. I also want you to notice that after the 12th fret on each the sequence starts over again.

It should also be noted that some notes have a dual name:

F#/Gb G#/Ab A#/Bb C#/Db and D#/EB

This is the end of this guitar lesson. Stay tuned to this web site for more of our music lessons series.

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