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On this site we focus on music that is uplifting, positive and which focuses the mind body and spirit on things which are from above ("Heavenly"). We have featured  "Secular" as well as Praise and Worship music. Did you know that both of those categories are also in Heaven?

We want to feature and promote artists that produce music that truly nourishes the soul. 

The founder of this site and  of Deliverance Music is featured in much of the music on this site, and  hopes to set an example of how music should be used in a positive light to promote things that are wholesome and good. 

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Deliverance Music proudly presents the 2015 album: WE ARE ALL ONE by Ahveekhy Ben BinahYah and Sound Of Paradise. This album is a compilation of eight original songs that will fill your spirit with Love, Freedom, Joy and the Hope of a better tomorrow. From the declarations of FREEDOM NOW which is the inalienable right given to us by our Creator to pursue our God given Destiny, we are Declaring and Decreeing our freedom from the world's increasingly tyrannical governments. This brings to light that WE NEED A REVOLUTION, which does not include a physical war of killing one another or destruction of land and property (WAR NO MORE), but a change in our thinking and actions. We then continue with the song AFRICAN MUSIC UNCAGED( written while living in Ghana West Africa) which enunciates the importance of music in the scope of the entire world and universe, and it all points to the message in the last four songs on the album—Loving one another (SEASONS OF LOVE, WE ARE ALL ONE) and experiencing the Hope and Joy of knowing our Heavenly Father whom if we trust with all our heart, will lead us and guide us to complete happiness, peace and freedom from the powers of darkness (I AM YOUR SOURCE OF HOPE, HIS LOVE IS FOR SURE). We Hope you enjoy the ride on the waves of sound that we've produced. Peace and Blessings Ahveekhy Ben BinahYah.

This album is a Deliverance Music and Audial Horizons Recording Studio Production 2015

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Praise And Worship Originals

Have you heard the  term if you want  things to change then BE The Change! I agree with that wholeheartedly. Many negative but popular and heavily promoted "Hip Hop" artists have used the  excuse for promoting degenerate messages that they are just expressing the reality of what's going on in the  "hood". They fail to take responsibility for helping to CHANGE what is really going on instead of promoting, glorifying and continuing to keep the cycle going of death, destruction and degenerate living. Start a new cycle by showing your audience (as they listen to music that you produce) how they can put their life on a new course toward the fullness of their true Heaven ordained destiny in life. I personally think that most of them don't care and even if they did care they themselves are on the  same destructive cycle of life and don't even know themselves how to get out of it. There is a way to be delivered from that kind of lifestyle. And the answer comes from above---Our Heavenly Father can deliver you and show you the way if you only ask Him and choose to listen and  follow the answer that He gives.

Music and the Arts are very valuable tools that can promote things that are of LIFE or things that are DEATH. The use of the ARTS can change minds and thus establish new things in the lives of individuals, families, communities, cities, nations and the world.


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Songs Of Praise To Yahweh Vol. 1
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