Self Deliverance For Those Who Seek Freedom From Dark And Evil Forces

Self Deliverance can be learned for those who have overwhelming problems they can't overcome. Do you have uncontrollable addictions that no matter what you do you can't overcome. Some of these addictions include drugs, smoking, alcoholism, sexual addictions and perversions that you can't overcome, pornography etc. to name a few.

Other signs of a need for deliverance are: 1.A life with constant crisis 2.Chronic financial conditions 3.Poverty 4.Uncurable Diseases 5.Mental Illnesses 6.Uncontrollable fear 7.Chronic Depression 8.Homosexuality are ONLY A FEW of the signs that you need spiritual deliverance.

Self deliverance is a part of what is needed to help you ward off the evil and dark forces controlling your life.

Deliverance starts with the realization that you need help and can't do it yourself, and that we need a power higher than ourselves (Yahweh our heavenly Father) to intervene in our life. The next step is to cry out to our Heavenly Father Yahweh to help us and forgive us for all of our sins and transgressions and ask for deliverance and help to change our life, and show us how to redirect our life to be able to prepare for, and be a part of His coming Kingdom.


Our Heavenly Father Yahweh has a plan of redemption for mankind, which Yahshua came to earth to fulfill by overthrowing the current evil spiritual ruler (Satan)of this world here on earth. Most people have heard of the name "Jesus" known as "The Messiah" who's ministry is described in the part of the Holy Scriptures known as The New Testament starting with the books Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The Messiah was a Hebrew and his lineage is recorded in the first chapter of Matthew (Read Matthew 1:1-17). His name in Hebrew is Yahshua (Yah-shoo-a). He also spoke in the language of Hebrew The significance of this name is that in Hebrew Yahshua means Yah or Yahweh is our Savior. The Messiah Yahshua points to our Heavenly Father Yahweh as our ultimate deliverer.

Read these important scriptures


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